10 Ways to Save Space in your Kitchen

Has anyone ever felt that they have enough kitchen space? Never, and if they said they do they are lying to you. Kitchens are designed to contain at least one draw or basket that tends to be filled with stuff, junk or clutter.  With kitchens often being the real heart of the home, even a large kitchen can get cluttered and busy very quickly. 

Whether you’ve got a lot of kitchen space or the smallest kitchen possible, there are things you can do to maximise your space. From crafty cabinet solutions to small tips and tricks, these ideas just might help you feel like you’ve doubled your kitchen’s square footage. Here are our ten tips for saving space in your kitchen. 

1 – Let it all hang out

If you’re short on cabinet space, hanging as much as possible can help free up some space. Hang everything you can, from mugs, to knives and utensils, to pots and pans. 

Not only does this stop you from having to rummage through crowded cupboards for an elusive knife or spaghetti strainer, but it also makes your kitchen look homely, and keeps everything within quick and easy reach.

2- A busy backsplash

Your backsplash can be more than just a pretty focal point or a way to protect your paint work. Hang a rail on it for utensils, a magnetic knife block, or even a narrow shelf for common pantry items like olive oil and salt and pepper. 

3- Be smart about your space

Using every square inch of storage space is important in small spaces. You might not think about windows as a space to store things, but taking inspiration from this Chicago apartment might change your mind. The designer chose to hang her pots and pans across the window. This not only helps avoid cluttered cupboards and losing headroom to hanging pans, but also provides bright pops of colour and a new focal point for the room. 

4 – Display dinner dishes

There are more ways to display your kitchenware in creative ways to avoid cramped cupboards whilst making your kitchen look amazing. If you’re finding your cupboards are filling up with plates and bowls stacked up awkwardly, put them on display somewhere. Put in some floating shelves or invest in a low-floor space free-standing bookshelf and load it up with your pretty, brightly coloured dishes. This will give you coordinated pops of colour and help you free up space and stop playing risky balancing games in your cupboards.

5 – Top it off

Utilise all your space! The tops of cabinets and fridges make great storage space. Instead of having a cupboard full of oils and spices that you have to rummage through when you need something, curate your most-used pantry items and store them in matching bottles and jars so you can display them. 

You could also do this with cereals, or pasta and rice. There are very few things that won’t look unique and fun when stored in decorative, coordinated containers. 

6 – Transform your shelves

We love a shelf when it’s on the wall but when it’s in a cabinet or a pantry it can be really hard to see what’s buried deep in the back. Adding baskets you can pull out of cabinets or transforming your shelves into drawers can save you from burrowing into the back of cupboards and allow you to pull out whole rows of items.

7 – Fold it all away

If you have a kitchen-dining room, you might be finding yourself constantly manoeuvring around your table and chairs. Sure, you might have a beautiful oak table that you don’t want to give up, but is it worth sacrificing space for? Folding or space-saving tables can be pulled out when you need them and then folded away again when not in use, which means you’ve got space available to you when you need it. 

Whether you end up going with that fold-down table or not, you can free up some floor space by investing in folding chairs and then hanging them when you’re not using them. (In case you haven’t noticed yet, we’re huge fans of hanging as much as possible!)

8 – Utilise a utility cart 

If you feel like you’re constantly moving things around that you can’t find space for, a utility cart like the classic IKEA Raskog could really help. Carts like these are super tiny, but have a surprising amount of storage space. These carts can be pushed into a closet or the corner of a room or pulled out to meet you at your workspace when you need it.

9 – Organise, Organise, Organise!

Even in large kitchens, it’s easy to feel overrun by mess and clutter – especially in your kitchen drawers. We know what it’s like! Someone offers to help you with the dishes and suddenly your drawers end up disorganized and messy and it seems like so much effort to sort them out! Make a plan to declutter drawers once a month so they don’t get filled with unnecessary items that spiral out of control. 

Adding cutlery dividers and other drawer tidies will help you stay organized, so you don’t have to get organized. 

10- Declutter! 

This is less of a space-saving hack and more of a general rule for life. Accumulating stuff without getting rid of anything can be so easy – especially when your space is small and it’s hard to know what you’ve got shoved at the back of cupboards. Regular decluttering – especially before you decide to make any purchases – can help keep your space tidy, neat, and streamlined. 

If you’ve got things you don’t have space for that you’re not ready to part with, it’s a good idea to consider self-storage. If you’re thinking about self-storage solutions, take a look at our locations and get a quote today. 

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