6 things to think about before you sell your home

Sometimes, you just feel the need to move on. Perhaps you’ve just landed an exciting new job or agreed to move in with your partner – or you just fancy a change of scenery. Whatever your reasons for wanting to up sticks, though, you need to think about how you will offload your current abode. 

After all, moving home isn’t always as easy as it might look on paper. It’s not something you can always do spontaneously, as all of the relevant stars need to align at just the right time. So, what factors should you weigh up before you decide when – or even whether – to make the jump?  

Why are you interested in selling your home?

There are many possible reasons why you could be contemplating a residential relocation. However, until you have run those reasons past other people, like family members or property experts, you could struggle to objectively discern whether these incentives are really worth acting upon.

For example, if you are considering downsizing, you should ask yourself whether you could actually end up needing your current home’s surplus space in the near future. Similarly, if your home move would be to make money, there could be less cumbersome ways for you to meet that same aim.

Where do you envision living next? 

Often, the tricky part of moving home isn’t selling the old home – it’s buying a new one. You might be excited by the prospect of moving, say, from a quiet backwater to a major, cosmopolitan city – but you could find that the new destination you have in mind offers few homes within your budget. 

This isn’t strictly to say that no homes like these are likely to become available in the future. You could get in touch with an estate agent for their advice on what, historically, has tended to be the best time of year to peruse the property market where you ultimately hope to live.  

What is your current home’s condition? 

While some people might be attracted to the idea of snapping up a “fixer-upper” property on the cheap, you should be wary if the home you want to sell has fallen into a state of disrepair. 

This is because any visible signs of damage to your home – like dirty carpets, peeling paintwork or cracked brickwork – could deter potential buyers who attend viewings of your property. In short, the better-presented your home, the more easily and quickly you will likely be able to sell it.

Can you turn your current home into a “blank canvas”? 

In other words, can you de-clutter and personalise it so that people who view your home can easily imagine themselves living in it? 

Now’s not the time for you to leave, say, a PlayStation or Xbox with controllers and games strewn across your living room rug, or humorous posters hung up on your bedroom wall. 

If your home lacks any storage space where you can temporarily hide personal belongings like these, we would be happy to provide you with a self-storage facility within driving distance

How should you market your home?

Once you’ve touched up and tidied up your home, you need to get the word out that it’s on the market. While an estate agent could naturally handle much of the promotional side for you, there are still a few little things you could do of your own accord – like advertising on social media.

Wait until your home is listed on a property website. Then share that listing on Facebook. You could even show your Facebook friends a short homemade video enabling them to “tour” the property from the comfort of their own homes. 

Should you include some personal items with your house sale? 

If you want to maximise your chances of your home selling at a good price, you need to make the property look appealing compared to whatever else is on the market. One good way of doing that is including, with the house you intend to sell, extra items you would be happy to see go with it.

Perhaps your kitchen has a few appliances you were planning to buy replacements for anyway, or there’s a plasma screen TV you know you won’t need any longer. By including such items as part of the overall package that is your home, you could reduce how long you have to wait to sell it. 

All the same, it’d be understandable if there are certain possessions where you can’t quite decide whether you should leave them behind or take them with you. 

If you end up needing to leave your old home before you get the keys for the new one, you could put those “do I really need them?” items into one of our self-storage facilities – it’s easy to apply for a quote through our website. If it takes you a while to realise whether or not you will continue to require any of these belongings, you could simply opt to sell them separately.

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