Tips for creating a home office

With a huge amount of the country currently working from home, many of us won’t have an entire room we can dedicate to our 9-5 jobs. If this sounds familiar, you’re probably having to get creative with that home office set-up and you might not have quite found the perfect area in your space yet for optimum productivity.

Motivation can be hard to find when you’re working from home. Throw in an ineffective office space and you could be setting yourself up to fail. Here’s a few tips on how to create a productive and organised home working area, no matter how much space you have.

Choose the right room

It’s not a great idea to work all day in the same area that you’re going to want to unwind in come the evening. For this reason, perhaps avoid working from your bedroom and maybe even your living room too. You might have switched your computer off and put your stationary away, but it’ll be difficult to find that all-important work/life separation you need in order to relax and recharge.

With this in mind, the kitchen or dining room is a good place to house your office set-up. If you have a spare bedroom that you don’t spend much time in, could you transform this into your work space? Utilising a somewhat unused room and dedicating it to working from home is sure to give you the best chance of being productive; no distractions and plenty of space for all your papers, folders and notebooks.

Get creative with furniture

Who says you need a desk? If you’re not someone who usually works from home, you may not own one. All you really need is a flat surface with enough space for your computer and a few notebooks – and ideally near a power socket or two so that you can plug in your tech.

A dressing table, side console or a side table can work just as well if you get creative. You could even push two bedside tables together for double the surface space.

Change your room layout

The potential for the perfect working space could be right there in your home waiting to be discovered. Could you move furniture around in a particular room to make it work better for a home office? Something as simple as repositioning your dining table towards a window could make a big difference. Giving yourself plenty of natural daylight will improve your mood and make you feel happier, which we could all do with at the moment.

If you do have a spare room to utilise, try rejigging the furniture to free up more space. If you have a bed in your spare room, you could temporarily take it down and use a self-storage unit to keep it out of the way until you’re back to work as usual. We’re all spending a lot more time in doors at the moment, so it’s important to make sure your space works for you.

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