Finding a storage solution you can trust

You might have already heard of peer-to-peer storage – finding someone local with a spare room or garage they’re willing to rent out. In principle it sounds great, being able to declutter your home and store your stuff somewhere nearby, but in reality it can be strewn with pitfalls.


If your new storage space in within someone’s home, you may have to make arrangements in advance to gain access. This could make things tricky, particularly if they are hard to get hold of, away on holiday or you realise last minute that you need to find something. At Magenta, our purpose-built facilities are open up to seven days a week, with some sites offering late night opening hours too.


Even if you find your host through a reputable online site, storing your belongings in a corner of a stranger’s home means you need to really trust they are going to look after them. Our private, padlocked and fully-insured units are covered by CCTV and passcode-restricted entry so your stuff is always safe and sound.


Some online sites will match you with garages and loft spaces in your local area, but they are often concentrated around big cities such as London. Finding a suitable storage location can be tricky, but with five locations across England, we’re well placed to suit a wide range of storage requirements. We’re always here when you need us and some of our sites even have 24-hour access.


What happens if the amount of stuff you need to store goes up or down? Many people use storage as a temporary measure, giving them time to sort through their belongings, sell what they don’t need and then gradually transport it to its permanent home. That means that the amount of stuff you have could vary.

At Magenta we have 10 sq ft lockers, 700 sq ft rooms and everything in between. We’re happy to store anything from your skis and Christmas decorations to the entire contents of your house! Our storage is modular, so if you need to increase or decrease the amount of space you have, it’s ok with us.

Shared space

If you’re renting the corner of someone else’s garage, with other people’s belongings in there too,  how can you be sure that your items won’t get damaged, lost or stolen? At Magenta, we offer all of our customers a private, safe and dry environment. Our contents insurance is also included in the price, so you can be confident that your items are in safe hands.

Our price promise

If you can find a better price locally for the same storage solution, we promise to match it, ensuring you will always get the best value price and superb service. Simply contact our team or get a free online quote today to get started.

Magenta Storage provides secure, all inclusive storage for both personal and business use



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