Four things every student needs to know

Students across the country are celebrating results and gearing up for the next chapter. Heading off to college and university is an adventure, and for many, it is their first proper taste of independent living. If you are moving into student accommodation this September, check out our top tips to make your life a little easier.

Learn to cook

Students are renowned for living on cereal and beans on toast, but in order to survive fresher’s year you are going to need a little more in the way of sustenance. Ask relatives for a few lessons on basic cooking skills over the summer and invest in a student cook book with quick recipes that you can rustle up to fuel your brain and impress your flat mates.

Learn to budget

The second most important life skill you are going to need is learning how to handle your money. When a few thousand pounds lands in your bank account courtesy of the Student Loans Company, do not, we repeat, do not see this as your party fund for the next semester! It is essential you learn to budget for your books, tutoring, rent, food and travel before you blow it all on a few nights out.

Leave your belongings in storage

Buying your first set of saucepans can be an exciting prospect when packing for university, however, bringing your belongings back every term is not. Most halls require students to vacate their rooms during the holidays, even if only for a fortnight. This is where self-storage can help. You can reserve super flexible storage space with Magenta online. For as little as one week, you can leave your student belongings with us and increase storage size or contract length whenever you want. With lockers starting from 9sq.ft available in Acton, Banbury, Nottingham Oxford and St. Albans, we can provide student storage across the country, making your end of term a little bit easier.

Leave the car at home

Unless you are studying in remote, rural areas, we suggest leaving the car at home. Tubes, trams and buses run right through the night in major cities, and students can often get concessions on public transport. Petrol and parking can be costly, especially around cities with congestion charges. Cars are an added expense that you simply don’t need to worry about while you are busy studying.

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