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New clothes, new books and all the things, Christmas brings joy and a whole lot more. But finding space to fit everything in to your home can be more than a little challenging. Whether you need to make room for a new sound system or a new sofa, using self storage is the solution.  In order to declutter your home, you need to identify what items are essential and what you can do without. This process can take days or weeks, and using self storage allows you the time to sort through things at your leisure. Here’s the lowdown on how you can be a master of home organisation with Magenta.

What can I store in self storage?

You can store pretty much anything in self storage providing it not illegal and not living. From old photographs to antique furniture and everything in between, you can store it with Magenta Self Storage. Our dry, safe units allow you to master home organisation by securely storing your belongings. We protect our premises with perimeter fences, PIN access entry and CCTV cameras for your peace of mind.

Do I have to hire a huge storage unit?

There are many different sized storage units available depending on your needs. You can select a small 9ft square locker for a stamp collection or a container large enough to fit the contents of a semi-detached home.

Is it expensive?

Unlike other storage companies, Magenta Self Storage make pricing simple. What you see is what you get, there are no hidden charges or unexpected surprises when you store with us. Magenta units are priced according to size, and the price stated includes a padlock and contents insurance as standard.

Are there lengthy contracts involved?

We pride ourselves on providing simple contracts and flexible terms to all our customers. You can store your things with us for as little as two weeks and we tailor our storage solutions to suit you. Whatever your needs, Magenta Self Storage can help. Drop us a line today on 0800 011 9832 or email info@magentastorage.co.uk.

Magenta Storage provides secure, all inclusive storage for both personal and business use



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