How Magenta can support small businesses

The landscape of the working world has certainly changed in recent weeks. With no clear end in sight to the lockdown that we are living in, many small businesses can only estimate the effect on their enterprise. Indeed overheads, redundancies and profit losses may make recovery seem impossible. The high street looks set to be affected the most, so what options are available to businesses in this current climate? Here we look at what entrepreneurs need to consider and how Magenta can support small businesses.

Business in lockdown

The government has made clear requests that people must not leave their home unless absolutely necessary. This means that businesses are now unable to operate from their usual premises and many buildings are locked up. Despite the lack of business operations, the building leases must still be paid. This leaves business owners with a very difficult decision; keep paying or move out.

Work from home

Working from home may be an option for some, but not all. Even if you can work remotely, the likelihood is that you won’t have enough room to accommodate all your office furniture, files, equipment and stock. If continuing to pay rent on your work premises if not an option, entrepreneurs need to get creative about how to continue operations. This is where Magenta Self Storage can help, providing storage units for equipment and documents. With 24hour security and pin code access, our facilities offer peace of mind about the safety of your business belongings upon leaving your previous premises.

Work with us

Secondly, Magenta can provide work space where you can build your business back up again. Many entrepreneurs are using our facilities as operational bases, and they could be the perfect solution for small businesses. To protect both our customers and colleagues through the coronavirus crisis, our sites will be operating reduced opening hours. For more information, please head over to the individual store pages. Ready to make the move to Magenta? Call our team on 0800 011 9832 or get a quote online today.

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