How Magenta helps our Communities!

Our promise to helping our communities.

Here at Magenta, we have fantastic facilities up and down the country that are able to help customers with their storage needs, packaging needs, and even there to just help advertise businesses and charities on their internal notice boards. But, we didn’t want to stop there!

We know the importance of community spirit, especially in recent times when community spirit was all that many of us had! So, we decided it was time to shout about our community outreach projects!

Why Do we help?

Magenta prides itself in imbedding our company in the local community of our facilities. As part of this our facilities have been used for local events and networking. We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer free and heavily discounted storage units to charities in our local areas. Currently as a company, we provide over 15,000 Sqft of storage space worth £23,000 across our 5 stores to help support these charities in continuing to support in our community and beyond.

This support help enables charities and community projects continue to operate and help others. From a 100sqft unit storing children’s toys to help family’s celebrate Christmas to a massive 2000sqft of collective space designated to Cancer Research, where they store equipment, fundraising materials and marketing materials.

How do we help?

Magenta is committed to being a responsible business in making a positive contribution to the communities we operate in.

We do this by:

  • Sponsoring local sports teams
  • Actively engaging with local communities when we establish a new store
  • Offering our facilities to host networking events
  • Offering a free advertising space for charities and community groups within our stores
  • Helping charities and communities by offering free or heavily discounted units

As a company Magenta has always aimed to support and work with local communities and businesses. This along with partnering with charities across the UK gives us real pride and has a positive impact on our business and companies who operate from our facilities.

Some examples of events we have hosted and attended are,

  • Food fairs
  • Music events
  • Sports days
  • Local markets
  • Networking events
  • Training days
  • Remembrance Day collections
  • Easter egg hunts

We believe we are a brand that all staff, businesses and customers can be proud of being associated with.

Making it personal.

Each of our facilities have full autonomy over who they believe are the best charities or companies to partner with locally and nationally. This means that we can support causes that are important to our staff, colleagues, customers and most importantly the local communities. This enables us to address issues specifically for people living in the communities where we are based.

We continuously monitor any free or discounted space occupied by charities. This ensures that any partnership is mutually beneficial and both companies are adhering to best practices and fit in with company policies and mission statements.

So if you are a local community group or charity that would like to know about our stores and how we can help you today, get in touch via contacting your local store.

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