How Magenta Storage makes business a breeze

Trying to shake off the winter blues? After a month of diets and deadlines (were you doing your tax return in January too?) February can be a breath of fresh air. Thanks to Valentine’s Day and a shorter month, this can be the perfect time to kick start a bit of early spring cleaning. If your surplus stock needs storing or you are looking to expand in the new season, Magenta Storage can help.

Get archiving

Whether you are customer facing or an online operation, you will benefit from having a well organised work space. Cluttered counters and stacked shelves can make the task of managing your inventory near impossible. Plus, it doesn’t give an air of professionalism to your colleagues or your clients. You need to keep company records and accounts for at least 6 years, so if you are overwhelmed by paperwork then make this the month you archive old documents. Once done, get them off site and store them in the dry, safe storage units at Magenta.

Get stock taking

If you sell products, it is no surprise that you need to know how much you have got in stock. However, companies that are constantly rotating stock or investing in new season items may find that it is not as simple as that. Self storage units can provide the solution by enabling you to keep your seasonal stock separate and get a handle on what is where.

Get expanding

Did you know that many successful businesses actually operate out of our units? You can hire a storage unit for as little as two weeks or on a long-term basis, and make it your own. From candlemakers to craftsman joiners, we have welcomed a wide range of entrepreneurs through our self storage doors.

Get collaborating

Like the idea of working with us but don’t want to do it alone? Then head over to our Nottingham and Banbury sites where we offer flexible collaborative work space alongside superb storage. This is the perfect opportunity for new businesses to network and enjoy creative workspace without the overheads.

Get storing

Thanks to our robust security systems, including 24hour CCTV surveillance, perimeter fencing and PIN access control, you can trust our business storage. All our units come with contents insurance cover and a padlock, and we pride ourselves on flexible storage with transparent tariffs. As your needs change and your business grows, you can increase or decrease the size of your unit and the length of your contract as often as you need to. To find out more call our team on 0800 011 9832 or get a free online quote today.

Magenta Storage provides secure, all inclusive storage for both personal and business use



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