How storage can make sales shopping sweeter

Got your eye on some Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals? Then maybe it is time to make room in your home. Whether it is a 42” plasma screen or a brand-new bike that you are after, there is no doubt that this is the time to grab a bargain before Christmas. But if you are short on space, storing your new stuff may prove tricky. Here we offer up some top tips to help you get your home in order ready for the sales shopping.

Clear Out

There is nothing like a good clear out before the sales begin, but going through your cupboards can be daunting. If you find it hard to get started, then try this rule of thumb; if you haven’t used it for six months, and it isn’t of personal or sentimental value then it needs to go. Make two piles for your unwanted items, a pile to sell and a pile that
you can donate, and get going.

Savvy Storage

Not ready to part with your old record collection? No worries. If you need to make space in your home, simply store your belongings in a storage unit until you can make a decision. This is also a great option if you have items of worth that you no longer need but wish to sell. You get the items out of your living space immediately, but can wait for the right time
to sell or the right buyer.

Christmas Crackers

Storage is the perfect option when it comes to hiding presents bought in the sale. With lockers available for as little as two weeks, you can keep your Christmas crackers hidden with Magenta. Furthermore, we offer secure storage that benefits from 24hour CCTV protection, so you can rest assured that your gifts will be safe until you collect them on the 24th December.

Magenta Storage provides secure, all inclusive storage for both personal and business use



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