How to convert your spare room into a nursery

With the newest Royal making his appearance last month, baby fever appears to be sweeping the nation. If there is one thing that babies come with it is a lot of accessories, and your spare room is about to be filled with everything from bottles to baby rompers. If you are expecting your very own little prince or princess in the next few months, check out our top tips to convert a spare room into a nursery in your home.

Kon Mari your clothes

Is your spare room currently your closet? Unless you have space to keep a small rail of can’t-live-without-clothes, then it is time to whittle it down to a capsule wardrobe. The best way to do this is to only keep items you have worn in the last year (six months if you are being really ruthless). Or you can follow the KonMari method and only keep things that spark joy.

Toy Story

Already have kids? Then the chances are your spare room is full of bags and boxes of toys and clothes that your children have grown out of. Rather than adding to the growing storage need, why not sell your hand me downs? Second hand toys and clothes are the biggest sellers on sites like Shpock, and you can list them for free. Any items of great sentimental value such as first outfits and first teddies can be carefully boxed and labelled, and placed in storage for the future.

Gym Buddies

Need to make a nursery but don’t want to sacrifice your home gym? Then don’t! You can move your gym equipment to a storage unit and create your own little oasis away from crying babies. Just make sure that your other half gets a look in too!

Less is more

Minimalism is having a bit of a moment right now, and fortunately this extends to baby equipment too. Invest in multitasking items such as cots that convert into beds and a chest of drawers that doubles as a changing table to maximise space and keep your nursery clutter free.

Your stuff, your storage

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