How to organise your eBay office

Customers today are choosing to buy online rather than hit the High Street. This means that savvy entrepreneurs are setting up shop on the likes of Etsy and eBay. Boutique owners can make good profit with minimal overheads by working at home. One thing that any shop owner will tell you is that the biggest challenge for online businesses can be storing stock. Whether you sell branded bottles or bespoke clothing, it is essential that you organise your eBay office. Here we show you how.

Clear Desk

Cute pen holders and post-it notes are great for Instagram, but they can quickly clutter your desk. Studies have shown that a clear desk can reduce stress, therefore improving productivity. By removing items that aren’t functional and frequently used, you will create a more streamlined environment in which to work from home more effectively.

Clever Compartments

Do you share your office space with your living space? The last thing you want after a long day’s work is for your work life to be invading your down time. Laptops can be safely squirreled away and products can be stored in baskets on shelves or in lidded boxes to keep them out of sight. If you have surplus stock then spare rooms and garages can come in handy, but if those are overflowing then storage units can provide just the extra room you might need to free up your personal space.

Cupboard Conversion

Not got any free office space in your living space? No problem. With some clever shelving and hidden lighting, you can quickly convert an unused closet into a micro office. In this situation, offsite business storage can provide the perfect solution for storing your products. You can get affordable, flexible storage to suit your needs, with that offers 24-hour access so you can collect your items as and when they sell online.

Digital Filing

One of the best tips for online businesses is online filing. Keep invoicing and inventories in Google Drive or The Cloud so that you can access them anywhere, save the trees and free up office space.

Office Update

If you are trying to maximise your productivity at home, consider updating your equipment. Modern technology means you can often get the job done in half the time. Consider purchasing multitasking equipment such as wireless printers that also copy and scan to save both time and space.

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