How to store your clothes long term

Autumn is well and truly here, and with it comes much cooler temperatures! As we all start reaching for the winter woollies, it may be time to start switching out our wardrobe. Flip flops and vest tops can be squirrelled away in favour of ankle boots and chunky knits. Knowing how to store clothes is important because you do not want to damage delicate fabrics in damp garages. Here we talk through how to keep your clothes in tip top condition while in long term storage.

Vacuum pack

Vacuum storage is a brilliant way to compress lots of items so that they fit in a small space. Commonly used in attics, airing cupboards or underbed storage, these vacuum pouches can be packed with summer clothing. Vest tops, t-shirts and every day items can be folded flat and laid within the pouch, before sealing and suctioning. The removal of air prevents the growth of mould/damp while radically reducing the size of the items for storage. The pouch is also waterproof meaning that your items remain safe and dry in storage.

Moth prevention

Moths cause untold damage to clothes. As modern, minimalist homes often favour open rails, clothes can become very exposed to moth damage. Getting rid of clothes moths requires regular examination of your clothes and a watchful eye on your wardrobe. Keeping homes well ventilated and wardrobes clean will reduce the growth of pesky moth larvae. A common deterrent is the use of garment bags to protect your clothes, but you can also use cedarwood rings on your hangers as moths can’t stand them.

VIP treatment

Some clothes hold sentimental or monetary value and may require special care in storage. Don’t shove them to the back of the wardrobe as the embroidery or fabric can become damaged. Wedding dresses for example are usually professionally cleaned. Most cleaners offer a folding and boxing service so that the dress is carefully laid out to protect the fabric. Vintage lovers or fashion collectors have many one-off pieces that must be handled with care. No scrunching up in the corner of your closet, these pieces are carefully labelled and hung on rails. Such items should be dry cleaned and hung in sealed suit bags, with transparent panels so you can view each piece. Garment bags will prevent moisture entering the fabric, keep it dust free and protect from moths.

Location, location

Unless you have a walk-in closet or empty attic, the likelihood is that you simply won’t have the room to store your season staples. Rather than risk creasing your cashmere by stuffing it into a suitcase, why not store your wardrobe with us? Magenta Storage can safely store any clothing in our clean, dry storage units and we can even supply you with clothes rails! Furthermore, all of our locations are open 7 days a week, with some offering 24 hour access, meaning that should you suddenly need that vintage coat for the weekend you can pop right over and get it. If you fancy getting yourself a brand new storage closet, click here to find your closest storage facility and get an instant quote. Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 011 9832 or email

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