KonMari your space with Magenta

Only keep things that spark joy. Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that this trademark phrase belongs to uber organiser Marie Kondo. This tiny Japanese consultant is responsible for the decluttering of homes across the globe, with her KonMari Method. If the saying tidy home, tidy mind is true, then Marie Kondo is bringing about more than just freed up space, but a freer way of life too. If you are as inspired to declutter your drawers then you might like to consider these factors first.

Size of space

If you are organising a one-bedroom apartment or single room in a shared house then the chances are you will need nothing more than a couple of empty boxes. However, if you are looking to clear a house then you have a much bigger job on your hands. The bigger the space the more you need to sort through, which means umpteen half-filled boxes littering your hallways. Take the stress out of your sorting by renting a personal storage unit to safely store your surplus belongings while you decide what you need and what you don’t.

Length of occupation

Emptying the house that you have lived in for over twenty years can be a daunting task, and even more so if following a bereavement. Memories fill every corner, and old papers and photographs transport you back in time. Rather than rush what can be a difficult process, remove the contents and store them with us until you are ready to begin the sorting process.

Duration of storage

Many storage companies impose lengthy storage contracts, but at Magenta, you can store from as little as two weeks. This makes Magenta the perfect choice for students heading home for the holidays. If you can’t face emptying your room and trekking everything back to your parents, then simply store your stuff in a local Magenta Storage facility until you return.
Want to kickstart your KonMari method with Magenta? Simply contact our team on 0800 011 9832 or get a free online quote today.

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