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Make our place your work spaceRyan Cornelius found the best way to grow his business is to build it where his clients can find him; right in the heart of Nottingham at Magenta Studios. At Magenta, we don’t just offer storage facilities. Our studio spaces provide offices which are perfect for entrepreneurs, start-ups and growing businesses looking for flexible work space. We have spoken to Ryan, one of our Nottingham residents to find out more about what goes on.

What does your typical day look like?

I run a web and graphic design agency.  We work with SMEs and larger organisations in the local area across graphic, digital, brand, print, product and media.  Our clients range from local bars and cafes to Trent University.

What attracted you to Magenta Studios in the first place?

“I’ve been with the studios since they opened.  I was office sharing with an events company but was keen to find a work space of my own and the timing was just right.  This is a much better environment.  We have room for 6 members of staff and there’s also a meeting room to use for client meetings so there’s plenty of room to grow. I love the style of the place. It is bright and modern and fits very well with my business brand and my clientele. On a practical level, it’s really close to Nottingham City Centre which is perfect, and the parking is a big advantage.”

How have you grown your client base?

“My clients mainly come to me through networking and referrals, and the studios are great for that.  There’s a signage company downstairs and we quite often collaborate on projects.  We refer work to each other all the time too. But more importantly, we’ve made ourselves more visible with the right clients. Businesses are coming and going all the time at Magenta, using the storage facilities or visiting other businesses in the studio.  They are often start-ups or small businesses and we can help them establish their brand. They can see us, see what we do, and talk to us to arrange a meeting.  It works really well.  Companies like Rocket Dog are clients of ours and also use the facilities, so they are always popping in!”

Have there been other effects?

“I would say we’re much more productive now that we’re operating in such a creative work space and surrounded by like-minded businesses.  It’s important to be in the right environment with the right people. The kitchen is the perfect place to network!”

Magenta Studios is part of Magenta Self Storage in Nottingham. The facility offers both co-working space and private offices suitable for entrepreneurs, travelling business people and small businesses that are looking for flexible work space.  Studio space is also available over at Magenta Storage in Banbury too. Whether you need a desk for a couple of hours a week or a private office on a more permanent basis, Magenta can help. Our co-working space can cater for 8 individuals and our private offices are both suitable for small companies with up to 6 staff. Just a 7 minute walk from the railway station to all ends of the country, Magenta Studios offer a flexible working environment with fantastic connections to Midlands.

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