Make space for family this Christmas

Christmas is coming and space is getting tight… Parents across the country are currently trying to hide presents in every orifice of their home. They are then faced with the conundrum of where all this extra stuff is going to go once it is unwrapped on Christmas day. Not to mention the fact that the pasting table will be making an appearance for the festivities to accommodate Grandma and the out of town Uncles.

The holidays can bring a myriad of challenges when it comes to making space for family, and this is where self storage steps in to save the day. Check out our favourite way to use flexible storage to help you get ready for Christmas this year.

Selling Corner

Having a clear out of the kids’ toys but don’t want to send it all to the charity shop? Box up their old items and store them in our cool, dry storage lockers until you have time to sort them out and sell them on.

Secret Santa

If you have curious kiddos or a spying spouse then hide your Christmas gifts by keeping them out of the house! There are only so many hiding places in one home. If you already have self storage, then why not wrap, label and store your gifts with us to keep them all guessing until the big day.

Short term visitors

Got family staying for a fortnight? Got to clear your home office or gym for your visitors? Pack up your desk and your dumb bells and store them with Magenta Storage for as little as two weeks. That way you make way for your in-laws to stay in the spare room while giving the impression of a minimalist, organised home.

Unwanted items

Christmas has been and gone, and you are getting ready for New Year’s Eve with a house full of surplus stuff. It can be a little awkward when presents from well-meaning aunts don’t float your boat and you have to feign excitement at receiving your second waffle maker. Rather than fill up your cupboards, fill up our units and keep your home clutter free. That way you can have plenty of space to party into the New Year, then decide what to do with the food processor and embroidered elephant in January.

Storage to suit you

Magenta offer secure self storage lockers on super flexible contracts. You can store with us from as little as a week, and adjust your storage size or duration to meet your needs as often as you like. If you simply don’t have space for all your belongings this Christmas, then contact Magenta Self Storage for simple storage solutions today.

Magenta Storage provides secure, all inclusive storage for both personal and business use



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