New year, new home? How to manage your move

New year, New home? How to manage your move

What does 2019 hold for you? Maybe this is the year that you finally stand on your own two feet and leave your parent’s home or the house share. If you are moving house for a new job or a fresh start, packing up your belongings can seem more than a little daunting. Add to that the challenges of knowing where to put it all once you have found your new abode and you may find yourself feeling exhausted. This is where Magenta Self Storage can come in.

Why use self storage?

Moving house can be a tricky time, not least of all because you are living in limbo while contracts are signed. Using self storage to store your removal boxes can bring relief while you are waiting for the keys to your new home. Other benefits of using self storage are that you can take your time unpacking and go through your belongings thoroughly. There is no point bringing old, unused items into your lovely new home, so make a point of decluttering.

What can I store in self storage?

Anything and everything, provided it is not living or illegal. You can store your old Troll collection (yes, we know, we loved them too), your vintage wardrobe or your old furniture. Magenta offer storage units of all sizes so you can safely store three or four bags to 30 boxes full of belongings.

How long can I store my items for?

At Magenta Storage you can hire units for as little as two weeks and there are many different sized storage units available. All storage contracts are fully flexible, putting you in control. Should your completion dates move, or your furniture deliveries change you can simply increase the contract length or decrease the unit size as necessary.

What are the costs?

Magenta Self Storage strive to meet your needs and your budget. We have created a simple, transparent tariff so you know exactly what you are paying for. Storage units are priced according to size, and they come with a padlock and comprehensive contents insurance for no extra cost. Make your move stress free by contacting Magenta Self Storage today on 0800 011 9832 or email

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