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100 Sq. Ft

Finding a storage solution you can trust

You might have already heard of peer-to-peer storage – finding someone local with a spare room or garage they’re willing to rent out. In principle it sounds great, being able to declutter your home and store your stuff somewhere nearby, but in reality it can be strewn with pitfalls. Access If your new storage space in within someone’s home, you may have to make arrangements in advance to gain access. This could make things tricky, particularly if they are hard to get hold of, away on holiday or you realise last minute that you need to find something. At Magenta, Read more

spare room

How to convert your spare room into a nursery

With the newest Royal making his appearance last month, baby fever appears to be sweeping the nation. If there is one thing that babies come with it is a lot of accessories, and your spare room is about to be filled with everything from bottles to baby rompers. If you are expecting your very own little prince or princess in the next few months, check out our top tips to convert a spare room into a nursery in your home. Kon Mari your clothes Is your spare room currently your closet? Unless you have space to keep a small Read more

Nottingham City

Five reasons why you should move to Nottingham

If you are looking for a multicultural city filled with heritage then look no further than Nottingham. From hustle and bustle to historic hideaways, there is something for everyone in this East Midlands city. Read on to find out five reasons why you should consider a move to Nottingham. Best for Students Thinking of going to University this year? Why not choose to study in Nottingham. This vibrant city is popular with students thanks to its choice of universities, not to mention the coffee shops and night life. Best for Schools Whilst on the subject of education, Nottingham boasts Read more

Organised home

KonMari your space with Magenta

Only keep things that spark joy. Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that this trademark phrase belongs to uber organiser Marie Kondo. This tiny Japanese consultant is responsible for the decluttering of homes across the globe, with her KonMari Method. If the saying tidy home, tidy mind is true, then Marie Kondo is bringing about more than just freed up space, but a freer way of life too. If you are as inspired to declutter your drawers then you might like to consider these factors first. Size of space If you are organising a one-bedroom apartment Read more

business files

How Magenta Storage makes business a breeze

Trying to shake off the winter blues? After a month of diets and deadlines (were you doing your tax return in January too?) February can be a breath of fresh air. Thanks to Valentine’s Day and a shorter month, this can be the perfect time to kick start a bit of early spring cleaning. If your surplus stock needs storing or you are looking to expand in the new season, Magenta Storage can help. Get archiving Whether you are customer facing or an online operation, you will benefit from having a well organised work space. Cluttered counters and stacked Read more

moving home

New year, new home? How to manage your move

What does 2019 hold for you? Maybe this is the year that you finally stand on your own two feet and leave your parent’s home or the house share. If you are moving house for a new job or a fresh start, packing up your belongings can seem more than a little daunting. Add to that the challenges of knowing where to put it all once you have found your new abode and you may find yourself feeling exhausted. This is where Magenta Self Storage can come in. Why use self storage? Moving house can be a tricky time, Read more

Home organisation made easy with Magenta

New clothes, new books and all the things, Christmas brings joy and a whole lot more. But finding space to fit everything in to your home can be more than a little challenging. Whether you need to make room for a new sound system or a new sofa, using self storage is the solution.  In order to declutter your home, you need to identify what items are essential and what you can do without. This process can take days or weeks, and using self storage allows you the time to sort through things at your leisure. Here’s the lowdown on Read more

Make space for family this Christmas

Make space for family this Christmas

Christmas is coming and space is getting tight… Parents across the country are currently trying to hide presents in every orifice of their home. They are then faced with the conundrum of where all this extra stuff is going to go once it is unwrapped on Christmas day. Not to mention the fact that the pasting table will be making an appearance for the festivities to accommodate Grandma and the out of town Uncles. The holidays can bring a myriad of challenges when it comes to making space for family, and this is where self storage steps in to Read more

Power storage

Power Storage

Six years ago, Jim Peskett tried out a product at a sports event.  Little did he know that, soon afterwards, he would come to sell the product across Europe. Jim ran a successful triathlon publishing company when he came across Xendurance sports nutrition at a Triathlon expo in Sandown Park and gave them a try.  Immediately he knew that this was too good an opportunity to miss.   He agreed to take a small quantity to try out with his fitness friends, who all confirmed that this was a great product.  He then made a deal to distribute the brand Read more

How to store your clothes long term

Autumn is well and truly here, and with it comes much cooler temperatures! As we all start reaching for the winter woollies, it may be time to start switching out our wardrobe. Flip flops and vest tops can be squirrelled away in favour of ankle boots and chunky knits. Knowing how to store clothes is important because you do not want to damage delicate fabrics in damp garages. Here we talk through how to keep your clothes in tip top condition while in long term storage. Vacuum pack Vacuum storage is a brilliant way to compress lots of items Read more

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