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Top Considerations on Self Storage When Moving Home

Top Considerations on Self Storage When Moving Home

The time has come, you are moving to a new house. You are trying to choose a self storage service for your belongings to gain a secure place while you move. The demand is very high on leasing storage space to home movers. The solution is ideal. Self storage or Self Service Storage allows you to bring your items to a storage unit under lock and key within a secure facility. There are points to consider before you select a self-storage service to make sure they cater for your storage needs. Access and Security To Self Storage Units The Read more

Magenta Storage support local rugby camps

Magenta Storage Oxford is a proud sponsor of London Welsh Rugby Club. As part of our sponsorship we’ve provided the club with T-shirts for their community coaches. Read more

What's really inside UK storage units

What’s really hidden in the UK’s storage units?

The concept of a storage unit is quite simple: you rent a secure, dry space in a large storage facility, where you can keep your items safe for however long you want. Most of us have been inside one at some point and there is a kind of exciting mystery as you make your way through a maze of locked doors. And, as a number of reality TV shows have recently proved, they can give us some particularly interesting stories. Here are Magenta staff’s favourite storage unit tales. 1. Abandoned Treasure Do you fancy bidding to buy the contents of Read more

Make your move hassle free

How to make moving house hassle-free

Moving house is a momentous occasion that we all face at some point in life, whether that is to head off to university or to leaving home to live with friends or partners. As exciting as it seems starting out, merging the possessions of two or more people can prove to be more than a little problematic. When faced with a choice of three sofas to sit on or duplicate dining sets, new cohabitants may feel pressed to part with their treasured possessions, so to avoid any awkward moments and make moving house hassle-free, simply use self-storage. Give yourself Read more

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