Our team’s top tips on packing like a pro

If you’ve got a house move coming up, or you’re having a clear out to make some space, then you’re about to make firm friends with some packing boxes.

Get your packing right and you can save yourself time, money and stress, not to mention a bad back. Here’s Magenta’s top tips for how to pack like a pro:

  1. Stock Up

Before you start, stock up on all the supplies you’re going to need – a variety of sizes of boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape and labels.  We have everything available in stores or online shop if you need extra.  You can also save newspapers and shredded paper if you want to cut down on your waste.

  1. Be Methodical

Pack a room at a time and start with the ones you use the least, such as the garage. Aim to complete one room before you move onto the next and give yourself a deadline, so you get through them all well ahead of moving day.  Throw things away before you move, not at the other end.  If you haven’t used it recently, or forgotten you had it, you probably don’t need it.

Ange, from our St Albans branch says “I’ve actually always done it all myself and regretted it. You only realise how much rubbish you’ve accumulated when you move! A clear out before the packing starts would be a tip.”

  1. Size Matters

Use smaller boxes for heavier items and larger ones for lighter items. Books in particular are heavy! Large heavy boxes are difficult to carry and can cause injury. As a guide, aim for each box to weigh no more than 14kg – about the size of a 2 year old.

  1. Like with Like

Sort out your stuff so you can pack items together by use and purpose, for example all of your DVDs together with the TV and remotes.

  1. Take Care

Wrap fragile items in packing paper or bubble wrap to avoid damage. Our Nottingham Manager has the genius idea of “using plastic/paper plates in between plates for cushioning,”

  1. Zip it

Use zip lock plastic bags to stop small items from getting lost.  Write the contents on the bag.

  1. Tape it

Similarly, when dismantling furniture, place all the screws together in a bag and tape it securely to the frame.

  1. Snap It

Take photos of your furniture so you can remember what it looked like when you come to reassemble.  That goes for anything that you have to arrange or put back together.

  1. Layer it

When you start packing your boxes, organise your items so that the heaviest are at the bottom. Pack smaller items around them, with the most fragile on top.  Combining books and soft toys in one box can be a way to keep the weight spread evenly.

  1. Provide a cushion

Add a layer of crumpled paper at the bottom and top of each box to protect the contents during transit and when you reopen them.

  1. Secure It

Tape up each box securely and reinforce the seams on particularly heavy boxes.  That’s down the middle and on both sides. Our cardboard boxes are sturdy, but you don’t want the bottom falling out mid move.

Helen, our Banbury manager learnt the hard way: “Put tape on the boxes before you fill them.. I’m talking from experience!”

  1. Label It

Make sure you clearly label each box with a summary of the contents and which room it should go in.  Think about the room they are going into, rather than the room they are coming out of.

  1. Store It

Once you have complete packing boxes, consider moving some of them into storage early to reduce the amount you have to shift on the big day.  We have no minimum terms or contracts.

  1. The Big Day

Sort out a box of essentials for moving day. Having everything you need in one place, from teabags and kettle to a change of clothes.  Take a fresh set of bedding with you for each person in the house, and make the beds (construction and bedding) straight away, rather than waiting until you are tired and desperate for sleep.  It will save time and stress for the first 24 hours in your new home!

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