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Six years ago, Jim Peskett tried out a product at a sports event.  Little did he know that, soon afterwards, he would come to sell the product across Europe.

Jim ran a successful triathlon publishing company when he came across Xendurance sports nutrition at a Triathlon expo in Sandown Park and gave them a try.  Immediately he knew that this was too good an opportunity to miss.   He agreed to take a small quantity to try out with his fitness friends, who all confirmed that this was a great product.  He then made a deal to distribute the brand across Europe.

Xendurance supply sports nutrition to individuals, gyms and, sports nutrition stores.  The products are all natural, drug free, their number one selling product works to buffer the effect of lactic acid therefore improving an athlete’s performance (no we’re not quite sure what that means either).

Xendurance Europe now run their whole distribution operation from our Magenta Oxford branch.  Stock arrives at Magenta from the US, ready to be sent to the far corners of Europe.

Jim is a regular visitor to the site and packages leave on a daily basis.  Luckily, his office is just around the corner, so it really couldn’t be more convenient.  All of the product is safely stored in their units and picked and packed to order.  They then drop the parcels off at the pick up point or local post office, ready to go on their way.  They reach as far as Denmark, Finland and the Czech Republic.

Xendurance storage unit

The team have turned a passion into a business, but it hasn’t slowed them down any.  Whether running, walking or cycling, they still manage to find the time for all their active pursuits.  Here’s Sales and Marketing Manager Daniel Speed competing in the Outlaw Triathlon last year.  It’s not for the faint hearted, with a half marathon, 56 mile bike ride and 1.2 mile swim.  We get exhausted just hearing about it!

Before finding Magenta, they had outsourced the distribution to a fulfilment company.  However, he found that the customer services just wasn’t right. “Mistakes kept happening.  They were just boxes to them, and mistakes kept happening.  By keeping the fulfilment in house we are more likely to notice if something doesn’t look quite right and rectify it there and then”

Attention to detail isn’t the only benefit of working out of one of our units. “Compared to having our own warehouse, a storage unit makes things so simple and straightforward.  We don’t have to worry about security or insurance, or having someone on call in case the alarm goes off in the night.  It also means we can go away on holiday without having to worry about who is going to cover.”

Xendurance is an ever changing business, and Jim has the flexibility to increase or decrease his storage units as his needs require.  “Currently we have two units, but we may soon increase to three.  If we have a period when stock is low then we can drop down to one and save the cost temporarily.”

Business is booming but they have no plans to move on anytime soon.  Jim says “I think we could triple the size of our business and it would still make practical and financial sense to stay at Magenta.  We may need to employ more local people to pick and pack, but I certainly can’t see a reason to move premises.”

We hope that Jim will be with us for a long time to come.

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