Renewable energy at Magenta Self Storage.


We can’t control when the wind blows, but we can control how we choose to support our planet. Renewable, Sustainable, Eco Friendly are just a few of the words that, over the last 50 years, have encouraged us into becoming more conscientious towards our future.

With renewable energy making up an ever-increasing proportion of the UK’s electricity mix, many companies are adopting a lower-cost alternative approach to balancing supply and demand. Here at Magenta Self Storage, we have worked hard to ensure the future of our business while ensuring sustainability is embedded into the core of our values. Here are a few ways we have adapted our processes to a more sustainable future.

Solar panels.

Our solar panelled rooves are a huge step into the world of sustainability. We are proud to source our energy from renewable suppliers, with our flagship store in Chiswick aiming to run off 100% renewable energy. With our state of the art solar panels we can produce 320 watts of energy, powering 5 Lights with just 3 hours of sunshine! Keeping the lights on just got a little more snazzy!

Electric Power Charging points.

With many companies eager to use electric cars as their lease vehicles, we are keen to support and encourage our customers to go green and switch to electric. Our charging points are free to use for our customers, with designated parking spaces close to the front of the building. Our self storage customers can rest assured they will be able to recharge with no compromise.

Recycled Water.

What seems super simple, is incredibly effective at reducing how we use our water. Using recycled water in the toilets has dramatically reduced water consumption in our sites along with knowing that one flush at a time we can help.

LED lighting.

Throughout our sites we are using high quality LED lighting and motion sensor technology. Not only does it ensure our lights last longer and perform more efficiently but motion sensors allow us to only light up areas of the building that are being used.

Recycling Bins.

We have ensured at each of our sites we have the capacity to recycle many materials. We encourage our staff and customers to support recycling and we’re working hard to minimise waste across all of our storage locations.


Going paperless is really important for the success of reducing unnecessary waste. The entire self storage booking process can be completed 100% online, drastically benefitting our ‘be more sustainable’ program.

With these small changes our stores each day, help change our future one step at a time!

So as you can see, becoming more sustainable doesn’t require a radical overhaul of a business or extreme restructuring, it just needs a little thought. Energy-consuming sites can deliver by changing their consumption and ramping up a process to ensure the future of sustainability. These relatively small changes can and will be an effective method of balancing renewables in the workplace.

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