Renovate or relocate?

After what feels like years confined to our homes due to the Covid-19 lockdown, a lot of people are ready for a change of environment. The housing market is booming and buyers and sellers are putting the wheels in motion, with a strong desire to get on and make changes to their lives as restrictions lift.

But the age old question when looking for a change of environment is to renovate or relocate? There’s no point selling up and moving if you’re living in a perfectly good house – but will it ever be able to tick all your boxes?

Why renovate?

Moving house can be expensive, not to mention stressful. Stamp duty, solicitors fees and other costs can often cost as much as renovations – so could you turn your current home into the space that you’re dreaming of instead of upping and leaving? You know what they say; the grass isn’t always greener.

If you’re in need of a change, ask yourself why. Are you craving more space? We can easily outgrow our homes, especially as we go through life and start a family. You may assume you need to move to a bigger house, but that’s not always the case. Could you consider an extension or a loft conversion? Of course, this won’t be applicable to every property but if you have the space then this could be your answer.

Alternatively, knocking down a wall and transforming two rooms into open plan living can work wonders – particularly for kitchens, dining rooms and lounges. Open plan living invites more space and creates a social place for your family and guests to enjoy. It is also a great way to add value onto your home if you are considering moving on eventually.

Aside from this, there’s a lot that can be said for simply staying put in a familiar environment that you know and love – especially if you’ve bagged yourself a home in a desirable neighbourhood. Maybe you get on really well with your neighbours, you are on a first-name basis in your local pub and you know all the best dog walks on your doorstep. You won’t have to pull your children out of school and into somewhere new and you won’t have all the uncertainties of a new property purchase. After all, there’s no place like home.

So, why relocate?

But sometimes, a property can stop feeling like home if it’s no longer providing you with what you need to live comfortably – and that’s okay. You will always have the option of relocating. Maybe new schools, parks, pubs and neighbours is exactly what you’re looking for. If you can afford to move, a fresh start can have plenty of benefits.

Generally speaking, we look to upgrade our homes – whether that’s in size or moving to a more desirable area. Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of a kitchen diner, or a large garden or an extra bedroom that you can turn into a home office. This may just not be possible unless you relocate to a more suitable home.

Renovating might seem like a great idea, but the reality is that you’re going to be living on a building site for a period of time. And sure – moving house means living out of boxes for a while perhaps but that’s got to be less disruptive than all the dust and mess that comes with home improvements.

Whatever you decide to do, you may need the help of a self-storage unit. Whether you’re renovating and need to put furniture out of harm’s way, or if you need somewhere to store your belongings before moving into your new home – get in touch with us and see how we can help.

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