Self-storage for Christmas – Keep out of the wardrobe! 

Where do you hide yours?  Back of the wardrobe?  Under the bed?  Boot of the car?

Every year you say you’re going to be organised.  Every year you’re going to get your Christmas shopping done nice and early, wrapped, gift tagged and leaving you relaxed and serene by the time Christmas Day arrives.

Inevitably, December draws ever closer and you realise that you can’t remember where you put the things bought in October, you’ve left the wrapping until Christmas Eve AGAIN and the kids piles are different in both size and quantity.

Here are 5 reasons why self-storage is the answer:

  • Away from prying eyes. Whatever age the recipient, few can resist a treasure hunt.  Remove temptation by keeping gifts out of the way completely.  No more trying to hide a brand new bike under the bed, or inventing new ways to keep everyone out of the garage.  There is also the added bonus of no-one accidentally spying Father Christmas’s ‘special wrapping paper’.  Just no ponies!
  • It’s 100% secure. Christmas is expensive.  Depending on how many presents you are buying, this could add up to considerable sums of brand-new merchandise stored in your home.  Electronics, perfumes, clothing and jewellery are all delicate items that can be targets for thieves as well as damp, pests and anything else lurking in the wardrobe. Our self-storage units are fully secure and fully insured, giving you peace of mind.
  • Drop them straight off. Don’t even take them into the house.  Our stores are accessible 24 hours a day and their convenient town centre locations mean that you can drop everything, wrapping paper and all on your way home from the shops. You can drop in and out whenever and however often you like. We can also receive your deliveries too.  Have your online retailer deliver to us, we’ll sign for them and they’ll be ready for collection when you arrive. We will be open on Christmas Eve for you to come and collect everything ready for the big man.
  • Space to organise. If you want to be really organised, you can completely contain Christmas within our four walls. We have units with plenty of space to wrap all your gifts on site.  Our units are clean and warm, so with a bit of tinsel and Michael Bublé on Spotify, you can be all done and dusted in a couple of hours.  You won’t have to wait until anyone is asleep or hide the evidence.  You can also keep a visible tally of who’s got what.
  • Declutter and stock up. Christmas food shopping also starts early, especially if you’re having guests over the holidays.  Where to keep it, and how to stop people eating everything by the beginning of December is a common problem.  You can also use our units to store extra wine, beer, Pringles, and a massive tin of chocolates.  Your spare room may also be useful storage for you throughout the year, but if it’s needed for guests, you’re going to need somewhere to put all the stuff you’ve shoved in there throughout the year.  Never mind where you’re going to put the tree.  Our storage units are a convenient way to make room for everyone.

We’re so confident this will revolutionise your Christmas, that we’re offering 50% off for the rest of 2018!  There’s no obligation to carry on after that date, giving you the flexibility you need.

How else do you think Father Christmas manages?

Contact your local store for a free quote, and to book your festive hideaway.

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