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Some nasty things can happen if secure documents fall into the wrong hands. Identity theft, stolen bank details…scary stuff. Whether you run a business where sensitive documents cross your desk daily or you’ve just got a lot of paperwork that includes personal details, you need a safe way to dispose of all of it. Shredding documents is the best way to stay secure. Don’t just dump it in the dustbin, send it our way instead.

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Our shredding service

Feeding one document after another into a shredder is a long and boring task. It feels satisfying at first, but after the fiftieth sheet of A4 it starts to get dull real quick. Whether you’ve got an upcoming business audit or you just need to safely and securely get rid of old sensitive documents, we can help out.

Our paper shredding service is as simple and final as it gets. All you have to do is fill up one of our shredding sacks and return it to your Magenta Self Storage facility for destruction, and we’ll get right on it. We’ll safely and securely dispose of your paperwork, completely, so there’s not a trace of it left. Then, for next-level peace of mind, if you need it we’ll provide you with a certificate of confirmation that it’s been destroyed. Just request one and we’ll send it to you via email!

When you hand over all your precious documents to us for shredding, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll be completely secure before being totally destroyed. Our facilities are monitored around the clock by a state of the art security system including Police monitoring and internal and external CCTV. We’re experts in handling and ​​storing sensitive data, so you can be confident in the knowledge that your confidential documents will stay confidential.

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Shredding sack

Shredding sacks

Our shredding sacks are strong, sturdy, and completely safe to fill up with all your personal and business documents. Each shredding sack holds up to 16kg of paper, so you can fill it right up to the brim.

Shredding sacks don’t have to be full in order to be returned to us for destruction. Give us as much (or as little) as you like! Whether you’ve got half a sack, one sack, or 20 sacks, we’ll take care of all your shredding.

To get a sack and use our shredding service, all you need to do is order a sack online and pick it up from your nearest Magenta Self Storage facility. Take it home and fill it up with all your sensitive documents. Then just bring it back to us and we’ll shred the contents for you.

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Simple pricing

At Magenta Self Storage, we like to keep our prices simple. We’re not messing around with any of this “price per kg”, or extra cost for “super sensitive” documents. Our shredding sacks cost £6 per sack, and we don’t think you’ll find a more cost-effective option than that!

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