Starting the new year off right

2020 was a tough year for everyone, and one thing that might help a little is starting off 2021 as we mean to go on. Whatever your personal resolutions are, here are a few rules for starting a new year that we feel can benefit everybody.

1 –  Be kind

Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do for your long term well being. Sure, your stress levels are a little high now but it’s just work stress and can’t be that harmful, right? Wrong! Stress and anxiety build up can lead to health problems as well as mental burnout and exhaustion. Self care is a great way to check in with yourself and make sure that you stay healthy mentally, emotionally and physically. 

You have to care for yourself, whether you’re a full time parent, a student living alone, an entrepreneur or a retiree. Even if you don’t have time for spa trips or long holidays, you can build things into your day like eating well, exercising, and making time for relaxation.

Self care looks different for everyone. For some people, self care is a hardcore gym session, and for others it’s reading or getting an extra ten minutes sleep. Either way, taking care of yourself to ensure you’re always living your best life is vital. Go into a new year right by making sure you dedicate some time to yourself.

2 – Start planning

We’ve had a year of unprecedented events this year. 2020 has been hard, and it’s made many people realise that they want to change their lives. With the rise of the digital nomad and everyone working from home, many people are realising that they don’t need to be in the office every day. 

Whether you want to buy your first home, buy your fifth home, start a business, retire from work, go to university, go travelling… start planning. It’s never too late to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” So start planning! Plan your retirement, your business or your road trip. Once you’ve planned it you can make it happen. 

3 – Keep your friends close

The COVID-19 pandemic had us all wishing we could be closer to the people we love. We were planning weekly zoom quizzes, writing letters, and talking about what we’d do when “things went back to normal”. As we continue to navigate the pandemic and move into a new year, let’s pledge to spend more time with our loved ones. Even if we can’t be physically close, we can still make the time to communicate. 

Book a weekly zoom dinner date with your best friend, start a book club with your siblings, call your parents once a week. Do whatever you can to remind the people you love that they’re important to you.

4 – Enjoy the outdoors

There are things all of us wish we did more of. This might be travelling, practicing our passions, or working, but one thing none of us do enough of is spending time outside. 

2020 showed all of us that the beautiful outdoors is on our doorstep, even when we live in big cities. Whilst we still might not be able to travel internationally and the future looks a little uncertain, there are still beautiful places in the U.K to see. With many national trust properties re-opening, there’s no excuse to not throw on some wellies and spend some time outside even in the rain. 

5 – Declutter

Tidy home, tidy mind. Starting a new year by decluttering your space is a no brainer. It could be just your desk, your office or your whole home. You could channel Marie Kondo and only keep things that spark joy, or just try throwing out/donating things you haven’t used in more than a couple of months. 

Make room for the new year in your home by making real space. Finding that your space gets messy over and over again? It’s likely that you’ve got too much stuff and not enough room. If a bigger property isn’t on the cards for you anytime soon and you can’t part with enough of your things, consider self-storage in your area. If you’re a business owner preparing to move out of a hard year, you could store old office equipment, paper records, or stock. Families may store old baby items, or furniture and other odd ends to make their living and working spaces more functional. No matter who you are, it’s time to streamline your space for a tidy mind this year. 

Whatever you choose to do this year, make the most of it! Happy New Year. 

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