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Our self storage units may look unassuming, but you never know what luxurious delights hide behind them. Alexia Peck produces beautiful candles, diffusers and room scents.  Although newly launched, she already lists Harrods and Fortnum and Masons amongst her stockists. Every entrepreneur knows that the key to success is to keep a careful eye on the numbers.  That’s why, when she set up her luxury home fragrance business, Alexia turned to Magenta.

Space to grow

Initially, interior designer Alexia started to look at rented office space.  She quickly realised that, although she has a high-end product, she didn’t need the fancy office to go with it.  What she needed was somewhere cost effective to store and pack.

Alexia lives 5 minutes around the corner from our Acton facility and was already a personal customer.  She was happy to work from a desk at home, and began to think Magenta could be the space solution she was looking for.

“I wasn’t sure if I was able to run a business from there, but when I asked, they said that lots of their clients trade very successfully from their unit.”

The two self storage units have been fitted out to meet her needs.  IKEA metal shelving has been installed to keep precious stock safely off the floor, and there is plenty of room for packing materials as well.

Hands on investment

Alexia doesn’t just give her name to the business, she is hands on every step of the way.  She is here every week, packing boxes and loading them onto one of our trolleys ready to meet the courier, or she’s taking delivery of her latest products.

Having easy access is vital to a growing business. Alexia’s products, which are all manufactured in the UK, are delivered direct to her unit. Her first delivery to Fortnum and Mason’s sold out in just two weeks, so it was easy enough to pop back in and send out the next consignment.

She says “I majored in Sculpture, so I’m used to doing the heavy work and wielding a Stanley knife.  Last week I had 17 huge boxes on trolleys which were super heavy!”

Not just storage

Being at Magenta also has other benefits;

“Last week I was midway through a big order when I realised I’d run out of bubble wrap.  I could easily dive down to reception and buy some more in a couple of minutes.  It was a life saver.”

As for the future, the business is going from strength to strength.   The list of stockists is increasing, with launches due with Amara.com and Rachel Bates Interiors.  Nevertheless, Alexia still has her costs in check.

“Magenta Self Storage gives me the flexibility to expand when I need to.  I’m considering consolidating into a bigger unit but we will see, you never know what the future holds.  I’m very frugal and like to keep overheads as low as possible and I’d rather take on staff than office space. You sleep better at night knowing your overheads are low”

With business acumen like Alexia’s, we are confident her business will soar.

Magenta storage units can store anything for any purpose, providing it is legal and not living. As the sole key holder, you may come and go as you please, and kit it out any way you like. Our 24hr CCTV and security systems mean that your business is safe with us. The price of the unit includes contents insurance and a padlock as standard, and you can increase or decrease the storage size and duration as necessary.

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