The road to success.

The road to success with our Business Hub.

For anyone that has visited London, there might be a few things that you remember. The hustle and bustle on every street, the price of a bottle of water and most likely the pigeons. But what about the people that call London home? What do they see every day? Opportunities, innovation, a unique way of living?

Nestled in the leafy West London suburb of Acton Central, there is a hub for budding entrepreneurs looking to build a name for themselves. A Business Hub designed to support and champion local businesses, which can be located within Magenta Self Storage. Just 30 mins from central London, the hub lured a gentleman in; the gentleman being Fabiano.  A local resident and bicycle mechanic, Fabiano decided to open his small business, Beatroute Cycles.

When Fabiano was setting up his business, he was keen to find a place that could offer him low overheads and the ability to expand should the need present itself. Magenta’s Business Hub offered Fabiano the flexibility when choosing a unit. He started with a small unit of 80 sq ft and over the past 2 years has moved units multiple times due to his growing business, where he now finds himself in a   300sq ground floor unit, for better access for his customers.

How did you come across Magenta’s Business Hub?

“Myself and my wife Zoe started Beatroute Cycles in Nov 2018 after I had been working across London over 10 years as a mechanic with local authorities doing maintenance training for young people and Dr Bike sessions in the community. I decided it was time for me to branch out on my own and service the local area we live in. Upon my search, I found Magenta Self Storage. The great value rates and support offered by the Business Hub was too good to miss”

How have this year affected your business?

“Times have been particularly challenging of late with the current crisis, but thanks to Magenta I have been able to adapt and continue to provide my services safely to customers coming from all over London and the surrounding counties.  The demand has been increased by the need for a clean but safe method of transport that can also help people keep fit. It has been very difficult to find parts lately due to the lack of supply and I have had to pause the maintenance training classes, but I’ve been very proud to be a part of the government voucher scheme to provide people with funds to repair and make their bikes roadworthy again”.

How have you found running your business from our storage facility?

“Magenta have been so accommodating and really helped me to promote myself. The ability to increase or decrease the space I use has really allowed me to grow at my own pace. I 100% do not regret my decision to take a chance and open a business in a storage facility, an idea that seemed a little strange to me at first, but once I saw inside and all the wonderful things they had going on – like music practice areas, and other small businesses working out of the units such as Portobello road market traders and furniture makers I was really impressed.

I hope to restart my maintenance training classes soon and continue to provide services and repairs to the local community 6 days a week – Monday to Saturday.  I have great hopes for the future as I see the desire for cycling is growing and evolving along with the ever-changing times, we live in. Beatroute Cycles has a real passion for promoting cycling and indeed self-maintenance to work towards a cleaner and healthier London!”

What has been part of Magenta’s Business Hub done to help your business?

“I was able to take full advantage of my position in the building by attaching branded signage to the exterior of Magenta’s walls. I was also able to advertise flyers and offers on their specifically designed internal notice board, this reached new customers that never knew my business existed before. But it didn’t stop there, they also shared my business on their social media pages, which was so unexpected, the Hub has been fantastic”.

Would you refer other business owners to our Business Hub?

“YES! It is as simple as that, without the business Hub, my business would not be where it is today. I can’t recommend the service enough. ”

We wanted to share and showcase Fabiano and Beatroute Cycles’ success while allowing you to see a different side to self storage. So we hope that we have opened your eyes to what is out there and the fact that there are many more ways to utilise a storage facility. Thinking outside the box (pun absolutely intended) can lead you to a fantastic opportunity.

If you would like to know more about our Business Hub, head over to our site to find your local stores contacts details.

Whatever you need it for, Magenta Self Storage has the perfect space for you.

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