What’s really hidden in Self Storage

Self storage units have received a lot of press in recent years thanks to popular tv shows like Storage Hunters. The contents of a storage unit are as unique as their owners – no two are the same! Want to find out what is really hidden behind those padlocked doors? Here we lift the lid on the secret contents of a storage unit.

Pirate Treasure

No joke! Storage units can contain anything and everything, and disused ones can prove profitable. One lucky bidder on a neglected unit ended up with a haul of genuine 16th century pirate treasure worth over £300,000. The saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure has never been truer.

Christmas Presents

With curious kids on the prowl, parents can end up exasperated as they try to hide their Christmas shopping. Not anymore! Renting a self storage unit on a short-term basis is the perfect solution to hide your Christmas gifts. With lockers available to rent for as little as one week, you can store your presents in a place that no child will ever find. More to the point, if you receive some absolute humdingers yourself, you can hide the unwanted gifts in the unit, away from your mother in law’s beady eyes, until you find the time to eBay them.

Hidden Hobbies

Ever had a hobby that you didn’t want to admit to? Do you need to hide your collection of Trolls from your intended before you move in together? Whether you are a secret stamp collector or have a Star Wars memorabilia stash that is getting out of control, we can help. Magenta Storage provides clean, dry storage solutions for absolutely anything – providing it is not living and not illegal.

Fancy Dress

Fashionistas will know that fashion is cyclical, and style so often come back around. Rather than gathering last season’s outfits and filling a rag bag, why not store your old wardrobe with Magenta. From bedazzled ballgowns to eighties inspired sheepskin coats, you can transform one of our self storage units into a walk-in wardrobe in minutes.

Here to help

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