Why now is the perfect time to declutter your home

With the arrival of coronavirus here in the UK, most Brits are bound for cosy nights. Public places are quieter, events are cancelled and introverts are enjoying the new normal of less physical contact. The rest of us, however, can find the restrictions difficult to navigate. Like it or not, they are here to stay and we need to take the necessary precautions to keep us safe and well. So while we are spending more time in our homes, why not take the opportunity to declutter them? Here we give you five reasons why self-storage can help you do just that.

Time for a spring clean

With warmer weather on the way, many of us are already thinking about spring cleaning. Taking time to declutter our homes is proven to help improve our health, because less clutter means less dust. Getting rid of your possessions isn’t as easy as you think, and it can be hard to let go of sentimental items. This is where Magenta Storage can help. You can hire a storage locker for as little as two weeks while you decide what you want to keep and what can go.

Two become one

Is 2020 the year that you move in with your loved one? Combining the possessions of two people in one home is never easy, so we recommend starting with a blank canvas. Avoid drama by putting your belongings in storage while you figure out which sofa will best suit your pad.

Time to train

Want to get fit this decade but can’t make it to the gym? Create your own home studio by clearing out your spare room or making space in your living area. Use a self-storage unit to keep that dining table and chairs in for a few weeks or months while you work on that beach body.

Take extra care

Storing prized possessions outside of the home can be hard, which is why Magenta Storage offer state of the art protection across all our sites. From 9sq. ft lockers to units that can contain the contents of a house, our facilities boast 24/7 security, CCTV cameras and PIN access systems to give you peace of mind.

Take back control

At Magenta there are no hidden surprises. We pride ourselves on transparent tariffs and the price you see is the price you pay. Our units come with a padlock and insurance as standard. All you need to do is select the size of the unit and the duration of your contract and you are good to go. Let the big declutter commence!

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