Storage insurance

Your property, our priority

Magenta Self Storage understand that your property and possessions are precious, which is why we provide bespoke, storage specific insurance cover to our customers.

All our customers must maintain storage insurance cover for the duration of their stay. All customers have the option of accepting insurance protection under our insurance policy, or arranging their own insurance (subject to certain criteria being met). Taking out a storage insurance policy is a standard procedure for all self storage companies.

Here at Magenta Self Storage we can provide you with storage specific insurance cover that ensures your belongings are suitably covered whilst stored with us. Our insurance cover is based on the new-for-old replacement of your goods which means that you get a usable amount should the worst happen. It’s worth being aware that many alternative insurance options only cover you like-for-like which means that you often get a worse payout in the event of a claim.

How much insurance cover do I need?

At Magenta Self Storage we are not in a position to advise how much insurance cover you need but we can let you know how much insurance cover people typically take when renting a storage unit. If you’d like to discuss insurance further please call your local self storage facility or pop us an email. With our new-for-old cover you can rest assured that, if the worst happens (and we really hope it doesn’t), you will be well covered.

Can I take out my own insurance?

As a member of the Self Storage Association, all Magenta Self Storage customers must be insured. You have the option of arranging your own insurance, however your policy must provide cover to the same high level as the Magenta Self Storage insurance policy.

If choosing to arrange your own cover you need to supply a letter/policy from your insurance company specifying the following information:-

  • A Sum Insured which is adequate to cover the value of all goods being stored on a replacement as new basis;
  • That the cover provided is equal to or better than the perils included within the Magenta Self Storage insurance policy;
  • The name of the insurer and/or broker;
  • The start and end dates of the cover; and
  • The Magenta Self Storage store address(es) where you are storing your goods.

How much does insurance cost?

At Magenta Self Storage our insurance costs are as follows:

Level of Cover
Weekly Insurance Cost
Basic – £3,000£4.00 per week
Standard – £5,000£6.00 per week
Plus – £8,000£8.00 per week
Premium – £15,000£12 per week

If you plan to store goods worth in excess of £15,000 please contact us for a custom insurance quotation.

Storage insurance

For more information on the insurance cover we provide please read our Insurance Policy Summary. If you have any further questions about insurance cover please contact your local storage facility.

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